Sunday, August 22, 2021

Does vacation make you feral?

Some get sloppy. Others nervous. Some others just enjoy their time off in a neutral manor. But there are those who get wild when not tamed by rules, routines and regulations.

I'm on the topic of vacation. In particular longer vacations that goes beyond a long weekend in Paris.

Are there indicators? Obvious risk behaviour to avoid? Like; Your rather heavy drinking? Your summer sex appetite? Your howling at the moon? Nope. None of that. Consider it normal for the season.

Instead, you know that you're getting too wild and leaving the domesticated life behind when you feel uncomfortable and stressed out in a modern nondescript A to B car with A/C and instead start to go shopping and drive long distance in your old or new cool, wild or speedy ride (-s). 

When you're driving around with windows down to feel the warm summer wind in your hair and hear every tone in the exhaust melody (or misfire) loud and clear. 

When the sun tan on your left arm is more advanced than on the other. (If you're living in UK or anywhere else in the Commonwealth the colour of the right arm is what you should pay attention to).

When you feel that a T-shirt a proper protection as you rev your motorcycle to red in the blazing sun.

When all clothes have a smell of gasoline, diesel and exhaust fumes.

When you, as a car girl, have a 1/2' (13 mm) wrench in your handbag.

When sunglasses has replace reading glasses even after sundown.

Then you're in the danger zone. 

You're living a great life, you're on top. But you better beware. Because if all of the above is your everyday, your way back to a normal 9-5 life might be painful, because you've adopted to wilderness, your eyes are wide open and you're feeling fine. But like Mowgli, you've have to get back to the normal grey and behave again. Period.

The Salt Slush team have to adopt. Shape up. Find the daily driver and let it pass the inspection. It will be painful, but we're reporting for duty.

While on vacation, you can take a tour. To places where you're welcome. 
Places like Germany. Where there's Speed, Beer and Hamburg.
You can move around in your Magnuson equipped C6 and philosophize about slow moving traffic.
Or drive barefoot to DHL several times per day with EFR and AirWerks turbos in your 1941 Buick Business Coupe.
Magnus is wild at heart and haven't heard about civilisation, therefore he uses a 1970 Ford F100 as his daily drive....
... but he too gets wild (wilder) during vacation. When that happens, he commute in his low, chop top AD (Chevy) pick-up truck. A concept where rattle come with the concept.
The car guy wilderness. Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden. A place where the sun goes down gracefully. 
If you still have question about the topic of this post, ask yourself if you think anybody with spare transmission in the luggage compartment have a smooth way back to civilisation.
No, we're not on our way to a rally or show. We're just on our way to pick up some grocery.

Summary; if you experienced freedom, if you've taken a walk on the wild side, it's now time to shape up and get things straight.

Remark; Mild or Wild, we've delivered turbos and supercharger as if there's no tomorrow throughout the summer, because we know that if there's a surge for boosting devices we need to support no matter if it's vacation or not.
And so we will continue.
We will come back to normality too.

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