Sunday, August 29, 2021

Is it over now?

It feels like we're getting back on track. It's not 2019 yet. But we're getting there. Step by step. 

Soon we'll be singing the Covid blues for the last time, while we open up our hearts, minds and garage doors and head out on the highway that ends at the race track. We'll get out of the shelter that kept us in shape while our project progressed. Now we're ready to travel to a peak where there's people, party and power. 
The Salt slush Team couldn't make it, but we're so happy to see that two very different car communities kicked off events this weekend.
Gatebil at Rudskogen Raceway in Norway...
 ...and Gasoline revival in Grängesberg, Sweden.

Perhaps these were not like they used to be, but still, it's a new beginning that we want to be part of and support. Therefore our shelves are full of AirWerks and EFR turbos from BorgWarner and when the time is right we're the go to company for Magnuson Superchargers too.
Coming back to the shelter topic. Carina and I have spent 2000h during the of pandemic on our private -49 Olds Rocket and today we could finally take if for a spin in the sun.
Interior is 95% complete. Rocket engine was running just fine.
 After +2k hours of welding and working on all subsystems it still...
...looks approximately like it did when we bought the Rocket in Wendover, US back in 2019 during Bonneville Speed week.

Anyhow, there seems to be light in the pandemic tunnel.

That feels so good.

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