Sunday, September 5, 2021

Enjoy Yourself!

We've had extreme weather in Gothenburg for a week. Which means no rain, no clouds, dry mild weather and sunshine.  It's not even been gloomy. Now that's extreme for Gothenburg.
On this rare occasion you want to suck in the last breath of summer, open up the garage door, but let the wrenches stay where they are. 
Instead you fumble for the car keys while you open up the driver door and squeezing your body down (or up) in your favorite ride. At this point the quietness around you is almost disturbing. Because you want that engine wall of sound to come at you. In fraction of a second your inner mechanic is going through a check list that would make any airline pilot jealous. 

Then you turn the key and hear how the starter motor engage. How the engine revs up. How it returns to steady idle. You blip the gas, put it in gear and adjust the sunglasses.
No need to talk about the rest, because now you're enjoying yourself. You're now way beyond your 9-5 work, all private tasks and even the cosy workshop that will keep you sane through the winter.

Take our advice; Fire up your street racer, hot rod, vintage vehicle, pickup truck, sports car or motorcycle and GO! Doesn't matter if it's fast or slow. Just drive.
Word of advice from Louis Prima.
Carina and I drove around in many of our vehicles this weekend. 
That made us happy.
A joyful shakedown of our Rocket ride. Since it was Sunday we didn't work with the car we just enjoyed the ride. Except for a few roadside stops and some minor ignition system adjustments. 
Here's our advice; before you go back to the garage to execute your coming car dreams, enjoy the last sun rays. Let them shine through the windshield of the car that spent so much time with. Bring your spouse, your friends and go somewhere before it is to late! Get inspired!


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