Sunday, January 30, 2022

Before, after or instead of marriage counseling.

Not too long ago there was a beer in Sweden called Lawn ower beer. According to the marketing, this beer was a perfect beverage before, after or instead of lawn mowing. Which opened up for several opportunities.
Over time I've realized that this approach can be applicable for other dilemmas in life too. Like love and marriage. Like engine and car build. And especially the combination of these two.

Here's what; Before, after or instead of marriage counseling buy a car project in significant need of tender, love and care. Then team up with your spouse and get going. If the plan works, you have a common project and a new spark in life. Nothing comes however for free. A new set of reasons to argue will arrive. Gallons of wine will be need to be consumed while discussing tuning level, colors and eternal question about modifying or not.  
  Before, after or instead of an argument. Rocket Engine Rebuild Team work. 
Epilogue: There's no shortage of cars in need of rebuild or modification. Junkyards are of full engines that can deliver more power and a wouldn't be surprised if there are a few couples out there who need to team up and form a common dream too. Seems like we have a match.


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