Sunday, February 6, 2022

Workshop weather and hope

The temperature bouncing around freezing point. Rain or snow and grey gloom. Fever, flu and a February feeling down. On top of that, lurking global political conflicts and the ongoing omicron peak. Life's a bitch. But on the other hand...

 ...the pandemic is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. The social restrictions will go away and within months, the race, the show and the party are ON again. Already this spring we can race, cruise and socialize again. Besides, days are getting longer and a couple of days ago, the sun could be seen for a couple of minutes at latitude 57.

All good? Nope. This means that it's time to shorten the Fika (A Swedish social habit that involves coffee), reduce the our endless Big Lebowski type of discussions and make things happen. 

Why? Beside our Landspeed racing in US and providing turbos and superchargers to people with crave for power, most of us have rather exhausting project that needs to be completed too. Preferably before summer and Bonneville Speed Week.

Consequently, the Salt Slush Workshop was really busy this Sunday. Energetic and loud. Speedy. Felt good.

 Ragnar kept the lathe spinning. Aluminum chips was all over the place. Literally. 
Ragnar's beard sparkled in silver i a certain light from all angles.

Me? I assembled our Rocket Engine. Because we want to take off soon...

Kalle had the workshop compressor runnning continuously as he worked feverously to get his Vespa ready for a paint booth. Reason: He's getting his -67 Camaro back from another paint booth soon...
Petter-The-Professor was working hard to get his latest -62 Amazon ready for Government approval. Welder eyes? Nope. After a working on a dozen old rusted out Volvo's, you become immune.
In between, there was a moment of contemplation. As when Carina was reflected over the the Rocket Engine progress. To which she really contributed.
Kalle's (92) mother, Lillebil, came by. A lot of stories was provided while Carina worked on the torsional vibration damper.
Summary: Progress was made through hard work while the cold rain was dripping outside and glimpse of hope was growing inside.

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