Sunday, March 20, 2022

Stay hard on your way down

According to science we start to rot as we celebrate our 30th birthday. Physically. The heart is pumping less blood day by day from there on. We obviously have to live with this process and try our best to rot down gracefully. But the really annoying factor is that before 30 you've got no money. So, when you finally have gained some ground and managed to gather some experience, get a decent job and have some money to spend on useless dreams, body starts to go down. I mean...ain't life a bitch?

What to do?  There are ways...but rule number one is to fight back, stay hard and not let that rotting body control your mind. As you're not continuously broke anymore, it might be tempting to travel in deadly boring means of transportation, because of comfort. Don't do that. Crank up the spirited ride of your liking instead and avoid to slowly but surely sink in to incapability. 

Just do it. Get dirty. Go there. Race. The body will protest. 

Ignore it.


Kalle's Z28 -69 is waiting for a Tremec transmission. A painful operation, but Kalle is preparing mentally. Revitalizing.

BMW bikes are not like they used to be...Anders is performing 30 000km clutch change. A Meccano for grownups.
 Life ain't easy for an Oldsmobile girl that prepares for a Rocket Ride. But small  steps every day makes our Olds -49 engine compartment...

...ready for the summer. Pictured: Carina, tired but happy.

It's still cold outside, but the road is dry and the sun is shining. So I thought that those GM coupes from the 30-ties and 40ties should start to serve a commuters.  At least until rain start to fall in one form or the other.
No fan, no heater and choke doesn't really work. The -38 Olds is piece of art and represent poetic way to travel before the Magnuson Supercharged Corvette starts to growl. It happens every April.

Take the Salt Slush advice and pay no attention your aging and the associated reality. Instead, nourish the remains of the youthful spirit, do deeds and feel the pain. 

Why? Because it will make you better on your way down.

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