Sunday, May 15, 2022


The early bird gets the worm. I hate that sentence. To start with I'm a night owl not an early bird. Secondly, the vast majority of car swap meets start too early. For no obvious reason. But ok, I admit. There's an exception; The Pomona Swap meet. In this part of the world the early morning torture make sense. Especially in August, when it's 95deg F/35degC already around lunch time.

Actually I'm even happy to raise to this occasion, because Pomona swap meet is fun. Yes, it's a bit gloomy in December and yes there's too much non automotive kitsch for sale too. But still it's one hell of a swap meet /car show /car event.

The entrance. At this point, the bed is forgotten. The legs are not hurting yet and you're full of anticipation.

Too much to see in too few hours. How to cope with that?`Drink water, walk fast and try to determine what's available from each seller based on what's on display. 


There are cars for sale too. Of all kinds. Loved this 1949 Chevy Suburban...

...and this Mazda Wankel pick up truck!

I'm not a VW man, but if you happen like air cooled engines, there's a big section of cars and parts for you.
I tried to stop it, but Cina still found this old lawnmower.
A non digital search for essential stuff.
1948 Cadillac pick-up. Really liked this project car too.
Many square meters of exotic Inlet manifolds.
A Porsche 914 on parade. A car you don't meet every day.
Care for an all original 1964 Lincoln with suicide doors? Available.

No matter if you looking for that special part or just want a day in the sun,  most of car guys and girls will love this swap meet. Because of it's variety of cars, parts and people.
We'll be back soon.

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