Sunday, August 28, 2022

SEMA Nordic. Since we're about to expand...

Suddenly it happens. After years of planning it's time. I'm talking about SEMA Nordic. So, we drove up from the Motor City of Sweden to Stockholm to meet opportunities.

Why? Let's admit it at once.We're into turbos and superchargers since many years (decades) and we know basically what there is to know...but now we want to expand our business and work with more stuff that we really like. Stuff like transmissions, clutches and fuel systems and who knows what for street and race.

How? Due to a series of coincidences, we met Linda Spencer from SEMA and heard all about her plans for a SEMA Nordic event. We met in the Salt Slush Racing workshop back in 2019 and we got really enthusiastic about the whole thing. Kalle and I said at once;

 -Yes, we'll participate!

When? Pandemic years passed by and we were all waiting for the good old normal to happen. Fast forward. Last week it happened. The first ever SEMA Nordic conference.

After a nice evening event, it was time to get down to business. Here is, for once, the full Salt Slush Racing Team in one picture. Kalle, myself, Carina, Anders and Magnus minutes before it all began.
Who to talk to? What is our focus? Think.
Sheraton in Stockholm is not Las Vegas. But it's a start and we met loads of interesting companies who we would like to work with. Companies with products that that we really would like to offer to the Nordic market with technical enthusiasm and good prices. 
In addition, we took took the opportunity to talk to Magnuson Superchargers who had this TVS 2650 hot rod kit on display for those who are in search serious power and direct torque response.
Salt Slush Racing would really like to thank SEMA for a really good event that gave Salt Slush Racing a lot of energy. Special thanks to Linda (far right) for that flow of enthusiasm that is so essential to make things happen!
 Hopefully we have more news soon!

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