Friday, September 9, 2022

In search for traction - The Texas Mile

We love land speed racing. Howling engines, high boost pressure and speed is in our veins. White salt, burning sun and crave for water does not stop us. Because we're born and raised to endure difficulties.  We all know how to handle headwind of various kind.

But we are still just normal car guys from Sweden who just want to test our land speed racer , the 449 Amazon, in high speed. To see how it behaves in +200mph (320km/h).  

After years of wet salt, global pandemic and flooded salt, we looked at the US map. Because our land speed racer is in US. Outcome? Well we found Texas and The Texas Mile. Almost never cancelled. Traction.

But It's a long trip from California to Texas. But I guess we need to go see the yellow rose some point in time. Why not next spring?

The Texas Mile.



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