Sunday, September 18, 2022

In times of darkness: Dream on!

Inflation is reaching two digit number, while interest rate doubles and the energy price is sky rocketing. Consequently, the salary is not the comfort that it used to be. Thoughts related to pure survival hammer your brain as you're about to fall into sleep
You feel worried and when you're looking at the sofa you're thinking of its heat value. You try but cannot get thoughts about a deep global recession off you mind. All you see is dark clouds approaching.
Something needs to be done. Here are our stay-away-from-depression advises.
Take a breake. Sip a coffee or a beer with other gearhead. Pictured: Lasse Davidsson came by today and help out with stuck Ford -46 drum brake
 Open up the workshop. Then guys like Bengt arrives. You'll hear stories from the far up north about moose and bear hunting. All while you're working on your project.
 Socialize. Light up the barbecue fry some cheap chicken and grab a beer after a day of wrenching. 
Do good: Support the Race community with race equipment. 
Even on Sunday's.
Nourish yourself: Buy a Business Coupe. Because you're worth it.
Work on an intriguing or exhausting project that force you to not think about the energy price. Constantly. Pictured; Carina and her Pennsylvania lawnmower.
Ensure inspiration: Ask friends with amazing rides to come by. When Johan showed up with one of his Italian cafe racers inspiration was flowing. There was thunder too...when the V2 came alive
 Go to Swap Meet's. When I saw this 392 Chrysler Hemi for sale I was thinking; perhaps I can close a couple of rooms this winter and get a bear fur. I mean...stuff like this makes to feel warm inside anyhow.
 Finally some words from Bob Dylan;

May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift
May your heart always be joyful...
....and may you stay....forever young.

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