Thursday, October 6, 2022

Dog Days are over. Leaves are falling. It's workshop time!

Rain is pouring down. Will temperature drop below zero tonight? It's getting darker day by day. There are signs in the sky that can make a grown man cry. Where to find shelter from the storm? Where to find comfort and piece of mind?
At latitude 57,7 it is now time to seek shelter and as always, a workshop, a project and some friends is what's needed. Oh, I forgot, you need a contract that provides low cost energy too.
Salt Slush meet up frequently to create, chitchat and battle technical problems. To dream collectively, do some wrenching and laugh with friends. Obviously this weekend was no exception. We were all fully busy relaxing

Dog days are over. therefore Chico,  our hot-rod dog, sleep like a dog while angle grinders were howling. Only woke up when it was time to get pictured.
It's back. The Vespa. Hence it's time for an Italian job.
 -Too many portals and too many seats, Anders stated.
Sedan to Coupe transformation ongoing
Yes, it's -34 Ford.
Vintage lawnmowers needs attention too. Here Carina is testing her Pennsylvania Trimmer from the -20ties.
Yes, Anders laser cutter was used to create a new edge cutter circle. Seems to work perfectly. Just need a lawn for the test drive.
When manually honing V8-cylinders, you regret that you're not working with single cylinder motorcycles instead. This is a kind of gearhead gym. Builds muscle and character, while your engine gets in shape.
Close up: Circulation honing oil. 
The (forged!) crankshaft needs attention too. Magnus Ford FE 360 engine is getting the massage it deserves.
GM vs. Ford. The long sleek Buick vs the meatball Ford. Straight 8 vs V8. Before the winter arrives and new projects enters the scene our Coupes need some minor adjustment. 
Oh, I forgot. When we're not relaxing with our own toys, we provide BorgWarner EFR and Airwrks and Magnuson Superchargers to those who need serious power when the sun is shining and a new project in garage when the wind is howling outside. If you want to talk about your turbo/supercharger project just let us know! We're as well cooperating with Supercharger-Online now so we can help out with a lot more superchargers and supercharger spare parts.


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