Sunday, October 23, 2022

Gloom or Glory? Heaven or Hell? Black or White?

November is coming up. One of the gloomiest months of the year at latitude 57, only surpassed by January, February and March.  

November's gloom is different to all the depressing winter months, because November is a shock. Same thing every year. It's dark. Leaves are falling and the asphalt is never dry.

To overcome the November rain and the Gothenburg Gloom, it's time to seek shelter from rain and darkness. To wake up the inner creativity, turn up the heat and get together with friends. In short, to get all projects going and celebrate when occasionally things turn out right.

We're not role models, but we're trying to escape inflation, energy prices, rain and war while we hole up in our workshop. Where we're dreaming and doing.   

Carina, our Salt Slush CFO, in our paint booth. 
She came out like a Sunday Smurf since the color was blue. 
But her feeling was not blue.
There's a lot of theoretic theory about team's team work when it just happens. Not a week of planning upfront. No protocol. Just a Camaro that needs a heart transplant and crew of people who knows (approximately) what needs to be done.
In dark times, he who seeks will find. Myrberg found a sandblasting device.
 How he paid? Storytelling.
A good deal for us.
November Rain.

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