Sunday, November 6, 2022

Rubber won't burn itself...Salt Slush @ SEMA

Before I went to SEMA in Las Vegas I was marinated with do's and don'ts from various media, governments and policy makers. I was on the verge of getting depressed.

After (and during) the SEMA event the word PASSION echoed in my mind. Though my feet started to hurt after +20.000 steps per day and I was jet lagged, I felt refreshed. Full of energy. Passion is the foundation for creativity and hope and a real energy boost.

The innovativeness and the technical level related to the vehicles on display was really a great inspiration.

Here's just a fraction of what inspired us:

Mike Sitar and his team. Always energetic and full of new solutions... the super smart PFI (Port Fuel Injection) solution that will make DI engines (like GM LT engines) go faster while maintaining drivability and not messing with emission legislation or OEM tuning. A piece of art.
How about Mopar's new HurriCrate, a brand new and reasonable 550hp twin turbo 6 cylinder? Available as crate engine. Love the name too.
Ohh I almost forgot, MOPAR displayed an engine for those who need more. For those speed souls there's a supercharged 1000hp Hellephant crate engine available. 
Yes, there was an 1500hp alternative too, but let's take it in steps.
Only big displacement from MOPAR? Nope. How about this home built Honda? We're talking about close to four digit power output from 2 litre four cylinder. Application? Scroll down...
The four banger was applied to a semi old Ferrari 308 that was in need of a heart transplant. White as snow but cobra fast. 
On the darker side there was the Hoonigan Mustang...
...and this 911 that is in line with Salt Slush- Magnus motto: 
-What is low should be high and what is high should be low.
There were repaired cars too.. this Tesla. Supercharged once and for all and lost weight too. 
Then, suddenly the The Las Vegas strip was closed. Suddenly there was an amazing sound. Suddenly there was excitement in there air. 
A-fucking-mazing moment.

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