Sunday, November 20, 2022

Slow down to gain speed.

When you've been working 10-15 hours per day for a while, when you're constantly look at your phone, when you're speeding to the workshop late at night to get something done. Then it's time. Time to take a brake. From your speed shop, from your day time work but most importantly from yourself and all your projects. 
How? You can take a few days vacation from your 9 to 5 work, you can close your speed shop but how to take vacation from your own ambition and your projects? 
How to avoid sitting under the palm trees physically while still at work mentally? 

How does it feel when the stress level is going down? How do you know that you're relaxed?
Ingredients: Take 1000 palm trees, a clear skies and no emails for two days add 20 hours sun and..
 ...some love. And why not an impressive cactus too...
...and the clear mind and creativity are back again.
Carina says that if you're not looking for cars at Hemmings, Craigslist, Blocket or Mobile and have no project ideas, you're depressed. Then it's time to act.
If she's correct, I'm relaxed now because I found this super cool Peugeot 402 (114 inch wheel base and from 1937) for sale outside Alicante in Spain.
Here I'm about if this french art deco four door got an American Flathead Heart and modern Tremec Transmission? Wouldn't that be cool? Or why not use this sedan as a basis for a roadster?  I mean, just look at the shape! There's a lot of potential!
I guess she's correct. 
Stress is now gone.
Speed is back


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