Sunday, November 13, 2022

Salt Slush Seven Commandments.

Sometimes things come together. All of a sudden you've reach a deeper understanding. It normally happens when you're unprepared. When you thought that you've seen it all, knew it all. Then suddenly new insights evolves.

Here's what; The Convention Center in Las Vegas, aching feet, a bad back and a brain soft and overloaded by impressions and no sleep. Exhausted, but open for sensations, I saw the light.

What insight came to me in this vulnerable moment? Here are the Salt Slush commandments that suddenly appeared. They came in a kind of digital mental form, not as traditional stone tablet. Nope. Apparently the God of Speed prefer digital communication.

1. (Engine-) Power is more important than Perfection.

2. Form follows Function.

3. If Function can allow Form, Form is important too.

4. Climate change will not increase the atmospheric pressure on planet Earth. Hence follow 5th commandment below.

5. Boost pressure should be applied to any engine if possible. Always.

6. If boost pressure cannot be applied, hot cams, high rpm and big displacement are the only way forward to those in search for speed.

7. Rubber won't burn itself. Ref. point 1 above.

These were the important insights came to me at SEMA last week, for you that weren't there here are a few supporting pictures. 

Immaculate, Immense and Inline with Salt Slush Sixth Statement. 

A 509 beast.

A Magnuson Supercharger kit. 
Form and Function in a heavenly powerful marriage.
A 1500hp crate engine from MOPAR. Serves as a summary of all of the above.
Boost and Beauty, perfection and power combined.... make the seventh commandment come true.



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