Sunday, December 4, 2022

Good News! We're shifting gear...

The Boost pressure is high at Salt Slush Racing. We already have our eyes on the road and our hand upon the wheel.

But now is the time to push down the clutch and put in a higher gear.

I mean, that's what's needed if you want to gain serious speed.

Consequently, we can proudly announce, that we from now on will provide the Nordic and European market with:

  •  Tremec Manual 5 and 6 speed Transmissions (T5, TKX, TR-4050, Magnum, Magnum F and Magnum XL)
  • McLeod Clutches, Flywheels,  Bellhousings, Cross members and more... 
  •  Complete Transmission Conversion kits (Ford, GM, MOPAR and more) from Silver Sport Transmissions!


Tremec TKX, 5 Speeds, 800Nm capacity and available with different gear sets. Kalle in the Salt Slush Racing Team has just installed a TKX in his Camaro and he's soo happy. Easy to shift, low revs on the Highway, sporty and comfortable.
TREMEC Magnum XL 6-Speed Stock Transmission 
Tremec Magnum. We love this transmission. It works perfectly since 2017 in our 449 Amazon landspeed racer with +900Nm. This durable six speed transmission can handle up to 1000Nm and is still easy to shift.
That's just two addition we will sell all Silver Sport Transmission kits for a lot of different vehicles. We will build up our webshop with Silver Sport products, but since we're so eager to get going...go to Silver Sport Transmission homepage. 
Because what they can offer, we can offer.
Please note that the Perfect Fit Kit's come with all the parts necessary to convert your Ford, GM, MOPAR car or truck into a modern overdrive 5 or 6-Speed. 
Since we are enthusiastic and eager to get going, we haven't established a price list yet ( we're working on it...).  But if you send a mail to we'll give you a price that won't make you disappointed!  

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